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NEW HVACR Training Track - PHCC Educational Foundation

Monday, September 11, 2023 2:46 PM | Anonymous

HVACR Training Track



hvacr training track

The PHCC Educational Foundation is rolling out two new courses this fall – Pre-Apprentice HVACR and Fast Track to Service & Repair HVACR – to complete its training track for prospective HVACR professionals and to give the contractors that employ them effective and efficient training at a reasonable price.

This development comes after more than two years of planning and a $500,000 allotment of funds by the Foundation to develop online HVACR training that would equal the quality and selection of the Foundation’s existing plumbing offerings.

"Individual contractors and even most PHCC chapters don’t have the resources available to create programs like these. That’s why it’s so important to have contractor support for the Foundation," says Foundation Chairman Kevin Tindall. "When we can focus the contributions from our supporters across the country together, we can build some incredible programs. That’s why the Foundation exists – to do what we can’t do on our own."

And what the Foundation has done is build two courses that will help the HVACR industry fill the crucial workforce shortage. "Our purpose is to get qualified candidates and employees standardized training so that they are producing members of the team and truck-ready," says PHCC Educational Foundation Chief Learning Officer Angela Collins. And, with the new Pre-Apprentice HVACR Course, "you can also vet those same people to see if they are an employment fit before enrolling them in the longer, more comprehensive trainings."

"Our offerings are geared for the contractor and helping them fulfill their workforce education needs," adds Collins. "Our product line is unique in that way … it’s from a contractor standpoint," she adds, explaining that a contractor "can partner with the PHCC Educational Foundation and know that there are people on staff developing content to ensure return on investment with minimal work production disruption. We recognize pulling revenue-producing members of the team out of their trucks is not ideal."

Pre-Apprentice HVACR Course: A Small Investment for Peace of Mind

When an individual is interested in continuing on the HVACR career path, the Foundation’s new Pre-Apprentice HVACR Course trains new hires or entry-level techs to diversify their skillset as helpers and prepare them for the next suitable training program: either Fast Track to Service & Repair HVACR or a traditional HVACR Apprenticeship program if required by their state.

The seven-module course – estimated to be completed within four months – is an in-depth introduction into HVACR principles and systems, soft skills, safety, science, and math.

"Our purpose is to get qualified candidates and employees standardized training so that they are producing members of the team and truck-ready."

∼ Angela Collins, PHCC Educational Foundation

"We call this course an ‘employment fit,’" says Collins. "It gives the contactor a runway to get someone through, to evaluate numerous items: Can they be successful at distance learning? Are they committed to staying in the industry? Are they a good candidate for our business?"

And for only $29 for PHCC members and non-members, it’s a small investment. By the time the candidate has – hopefully – completed the Foundation’s free Workforce Readiness Course (basically to determine if they’d prefer plumbing or HVACR) and the very affordable Pre-Apprentice Course, the contractor has had a low-cost trial run before investing in longer and more costly training courses. "We want to make sure that the student is successful, because – when they are – so is the contractor and, ultimately, the industry workforce."

Fast Track to Service & Repair HVACR: Accelerated Training to Get Techs Up-and-Running

Designed by contractors for contractors who perform residential or commercial service and repair work, Fast Track to Service & Repair HVACR is intended to train technicians to be job- and truck-ready with a well-rounded understanding of HVACR systems.

The course’s 34 online modules cover professionalism in the workplace, safety and first aid, mathematic and scientific principles related to HVACR, electric and motor fundamentals for HVACR, tools, control systems, troubleshooting, and so much more.

The course also may be used as an opportunity to upskill technicians or assist those in switching careers between plumbing and HVACR, especially useful to contractors who offer services in both areas.

The Fast Track program may sound familiar to PHCC member contractors, as it was originated years ago by Quality Service Contractors (QSC), a PHCC Enhanced Service Group. A team of PHCC contractors has now updated, condensed, and re-ordered the original modules, paired it with the #1 best-selling textbook in the HVACR market, and is set to relaunch it this fall.

While students work on the online course at their own pace, the program is expected to be completed in 12 to 18 months. Of course, it is designed to be most successful with the supervisor’s involvement in providing the student with hands-on practical skills and training activities that align with the modules. "Each company has its own – what we call – ‘magic,’" says Collins. "It is the proprietary processes and practices that you use, and we can’t teach that, so we encourage students to discuss the work tasks with their supervisors to best align with the business’s processes and procedures."

Just like the Foundation’s Plumbing and HVACR Apprenticeship courses, the Fast Track to Service & Repair HVACR course is offered through PHCC chapter eLearning partners, with the cost of the Fast Track course at $2,899 for PHCC members (and $3,299 for non-members). To encourage collaborative group learning, the Foundation offers a "Buy One, Get One Free" incentive that allows two students and one supervisor to move through the program together to make it less overwhelming for both parties.

If contractors are in a state without a chapter partner, they can email And – like with its Plumbing counterpart – the Foundation is directing $50 from each sale of the Fast Track to Service & Repair HVACR course into its Scholarship Fund, helping to ensure funding for the workforce cycle for years to come.

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A Bird’s Eye View of the Track

The Foundation has methodically aligned its online PHCC Academy® course offerings – now for both plumbing and HVACR – to move students through at the correct level in their careers to get them to be trained or licensed professionals … and to give the contractors who employ them effective and efficient training at a reasonable price.

Use the chart on page 22 to see where these two new courses fit in … and to help you find the right fit for your employees or potential employees.

hvacr training track
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Designed By Contractors, For Contractors

After six years of offering similar plumbing courses through its Learning Management System – PHCC Academy® – the Foundation is confident in the user experience. "We’ve had more than 6,500 students come through, and I would say that 95% of our questions or student issues are that people forget their password," says Collins. "If you can order on Amazon, you can use the system."

To provide a higher level of learning and instruction, the Foundation has incorporated multimedia learning aspects into these online offerings. Combined with the irreplaceable value of work-based learning, students are well-prepared to start their careers in field work.

Most importantly, these courses were designed by contractors, for contractors. The Foundation assembled a team of PHCC contractors as subject matter experts – as well as adult education specialists and instructional designers – to create structure and content for these new HVACR offerings.

The Next Lap

Both the Foundation and PHCC have joined forces and created a team to ensure comprehensive content is developed to meet the needs of HVACR contractors throughout their entire career timeline – not only new entrants and those transitioning into the industry, but those in mid-career and late-career and those getting ready to retire and hand off their business to the next generation.

"As we stand up the HVACR products and services, we are exploring strategic partnerships with new and existing HVACR manufacturers and service providers to tap into their subject expertise and broaden our HVACR offerings as professionals move through their careers," says Elicia Magruder, PHCC’s vice president of business development.

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