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Membership Levels


Active Members shall be member firms which are actively engaged in the plumbing, heating, cooling and piping contracting business, which are within the charter area and are licensed by the State of Florida. Contractors whose licenses are in good standing, to conduct plumbing, heating, cooling and piping contracting in the State of Florida, and who are properly registered and licensed in compliance with local ordinances, where required

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Introductory Contractor

Introductory Membership is available only once, to a firm that is engaged in the plumbing, heating, cooling or mechanical contracting industry that has never been a member of the association.

An Introductory Member may only retain this designation for a maximum of twenty-four (24) months from the date the firm joinedIntroductory members may attend meetings and enjoyed all other privileges and benefits of membership, except that they may not vote, hold office or propose  resolutions or amendments to the bylaws.

Contractors will maintain the status of Introductory Member for a total of 24 months. The first year will receive 50% off the annual dues from start date. The  2nd year from January 1 – December 31st will receive 25% off dues. 

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Shall be an individual or firm-that is in a business (other than a contracting business) that is recognized as part of the plumbing and/or heating and/or cooling and/or mechanical contracting industry, and whose objects and purposes are compatible with those of the Association.

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Shall be an individual who has been the voting representative of an active member for a period of ten years or more prior to the date of application, and has retired from the operation of a plumbing and/or heating and/or cooling and/or mechanical contracting business.

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PHONE / FAX: 941-977-5077

8283 Vico Court
Sarasota, Fl. 34240 

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