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14-Hour Contractor Continuing Education Workshop

  • Wednesday, April 17, 2024
  • Thursday, April 18, 2024
  • 2 sessions
  • Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 8:00 AM 4:00 PM (EDT)
  • Thursday, April 18, 2024, 8:00 AM 4:00 PM (EDT)
  • Aqua Plumbing and Air, 8283 Vico Court, Sarasota, Florida, 34240


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Location: Aqua Plumbing and Air, 8283 Vico Court, Sarasota, Florida 34240 
Date(s): April 17-18, 2024
Times: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00p.m. 
The 2 day line-up below provides 14 credit hours to building contractors

Of the 14 total hours, 1 hour of each of the following topics must be completed:
1 HR - Workplace Safety (WPS)
1 HR - Workers' Compensation (WC)
1 HR - Business Practices (BSP)
1 HR - Advanced Building Code (ADV)
1 HR - Laws and Rules (L&R)
9 HR - The remaining 9 hours are considered 'Genera (GEN)l' and can cover any of the listed topics we have on our website.

Day One / April 17:
Understanding Workers Compensation (1 hr – GEN, WC)
Worksite Safety (1 hr - WPS)
Lien Law (1 hr – GEN, BSP)
Asset Protection for Contractors (2 hrs - GEN, BSP) (ALL TOWARD GEN)
2020 Advanced FBC Significant Code Changes (1 hr – GEN, ADV) 
Florida Laws & Rules (1 hr – GEN, L&R)

Day Two / April 18:
A Journey Through Your Business Lifecycle (4 hrs - GEN, BSP, WC) (ALL TOWARD GEN)
Improved Management Techniques (2 hrs – GEN, BSP) (ALL TOWARD GEN)
Business Planning for the Future (1 hr - GEN)

Understanding Worker’s Compensation (GEN, WC)
Presenter: Zach Schumacher – Brown& Brown
Course Objectives: 
This course was developed to inform the construction industry about worker’s compensation regulations and keep them updated on the new laws and regulations that are necessary to be compliant and run a successful business. Also discussed are effective strategies to reduce costs.
Worksite Safety (GEN, WPS)
Presenter: Tomas DeLeon- Brown & Brown
Course Objectives: 
This workshop will inform contractors about workplace safety regulations and keep them updated on the new laws and regulations that are necessary to operate a successful construction business.
Lien Law (GEN, BSP)
Presenter: Matt Taylor – Attorney, Johnson, Pope
Course Objectives: 
To educate attendees about the importance of following FL Lien Law procedures when billing for labor or materials.
Asset Protection for Contractors (GEN, BSP)
Presenter: Ian Giovinco - Attorney
Course Objectives: 
To educate attendees about how to protect themselves against legal claims especially because of mold liability and wage and hour lawsuits. We will discuss advanced planning techniques, which tend to place assets beyond the reach of any future creditors that may come into play if issues arise. This course will discuss preventative planning ideas that can protect the contractor and his/her employees and keep them in business.
2020 Advanced FBC Significant Code Changes (GEN, ADV)
This course will provide contractors, design professionals, and building code professionals with practical information on changes to the 2020 Florida Building Code.  Upon completion of this course, participants will understand the changes made to the 2020 Florida Building Code including but not limited to the requirements for administration, occupancies, fire resistance protection, fire protection systems, means of egress, roof assemblies, structural design, and wood construction and apply them to their respective professions.
Florida Laws & Rules (GEN, L&R)
Presenter: MattTaylor
Course Objectives:
After attending this workshop, attendees should be familiar with the construction laws and rules of the state of Florida with specific reference to Statute 489, part I. Attendees will also learn where to go to access these rules and find helpful information to keep them up-to-date and in compliance.

A Journey through your Business Lifecycle (GEN, BSP, WC)
Presenter: Ron Likar (CEA) & Alan Misale - Viking
Course Description:
This workshop consists of an interactive presentation that covers topics relevant to the construction business. This discussion revolves around creating a company that is built to last, learning the important factors surrounding worker’s compensation programs and managing and avoiding the inherent risks of doing business as a contractor. We will also discuss the company environment that is necessary to attract, motivate and retain quality employees and planning for the future of the business with properly structured business plans. This presentation also covers topics such as preparing the company for the retirement of the contractor and employees so the business can continue with as few interruptions as possible. The workshop begins with a discussion of the realities of doing business and then moves into strategies to prepare for these realities. It closes by bringing these strategies together to form a proper structure for business success.

Improved Management Techniques (GEN, BSP)
Presenter: Ron Likar (CEA)
Course Objectives: 
To educate attendees about the need to evaluate their management style, discover techniques and styles that their employees are looking for and can relate to and how to improve upon their style to meet their employees’ expectations. We will discuss the true functions of management, how and what they should be doing and ways to increase their management competence

Business Planning for the Future (1 hr - GEN)
Course Objectives: 
To educate attendees about the options they have with regards to providing benefits for their employees. We will discuss the difference between qualified and non-qualified benefits and different ways to structure a business continuation agreement, which is necessary in the untimely event that something happens to the contractor or he decides to retire or otherwise leave the business.

PHONE / FAX: 941-977-5077

8283 Vico Court
Sarasota, Fl. 34240 

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